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The container freight industry is a relatively new phenomenon at just over 50 years of age. The first international container voyage happened in 1966, when the Sea-Land company sent the Fairland on its maiden voyage from Port Elizabeth in the United States to the Netherlands port at Rotterdam with a load of 236 containers. Shipping a container to Honduras is an even newer phenomenon and only began in the 1980s, when most South American ports starting converting to container shipping.

Shipping a container to Honduras may have begun later than elsewhere in the world, but by then the industry was already booming and all it took was having container port facilities to transform a formerly sleepy Honduran port city into a vibrant metropolis. This transformation took place all over the world, even in the United States, where the city of Seattle, for example owes much of its rejuvenation in the past 4 decades to its huge container port.

While it is wise to look for specific information about shipping a container to Honduras, the fact is that container shipping companies operate exactly in the same way the world over. This is one of the main reasons why this form of transportation works so well. International container shipping is standardized to such a degree that shipping 40 foot container to Honduras is done precisely like it is is the England or Australia.

This standardization began with the conception of the idea. Back in 1955, a trucking company owner, Malcolm McLean, decided to test out his idea of "intermodalism." He saw no reason why a truck had to be unloaded at a dock and then all of its contents reloaded piece by piece onto a steamship. Why couldn't you just lift the entire container off the back of the truck with a crane and load it onto a ship? It would save an enormous amount of money and prevent a great deal of loss and theft.

Even before the Fairland made its first overseas crossing, container sizes had been standardized by the International Organization for Standardization. The basic unit size became the 20 foot container, called a "Twenty foot Equivalent Unit (TEU)." Today, it is most common to ship 40 foot container or 2 TEU. The first container to Honduras undoubtedly carried a predominantly 2 TEU paid load of goods.

By the time that first container to Honduras found its way to the new container port in that country, all the dock workers, shipping executives and customs officers there were already trained in all the procedures involved with international container shipping. In the twenty years since then, these procedures have become a matter of routine. The process there is as sophisticated and near fail-safe as it is in New York, the birthplace of the industry.

The only possible hitch that may arise when shipping a container to Honduras is that the native language is not English. This is not really a problem for the average person, though, because English is the international language of the industry and wherever you go, your container freight company will be able to put you into contact with an English speaking representative. In other words, shipping a container to Honduras is not a problem!

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There are 3 Container Ports in Honduras: Port of Puerto Castilla, Port of Puerto Cortes, Port of San Lorenzo

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